The Profiler Training Intensive is a 5-Day, Deep-Dive, Immersive Event In Los Angeles to Help You Calibrate & Master the Skill of Being a Personality Profiler

We’ll Help You Develop a DEEP, Authentic Connection With Anyone You Meet, Decode the Psychology of People in Your Life, and Unlock Your Personal Growth Potential

The Profiler Training Intensive is a 5-Day, Deep-Dive, Immersive Event In Los Angeles to Help You Calibrate and Master the Skill of Being a Personality Profiler

We’ll help you develop a DEEP, authentic connection with anyone you meet, decode the psychology of people in your life, and unlock your personal growth potential

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Let's say you were grabbing a cup of coffee with Mark...

(And he’s paying you $175/hr for a typing session)

And you discover that's he's an INFJ

And he's so impressed...

That he spills coffee on his lap and blurts out...

“OMG! You basically know me better than anyone else in my life!”

“Can you tell my wife what you just said about me?  

Because I’ve been trying to explain this to her for YEARS!”

This has happened to me more times than I can count...

If I had a buck for every time my students and I changed someone's life

because we typed them accurately and described who they were...

I'd be lying on a beach, somewhere, in Hawaii, drinking mimosas.

Actually, no.

I'd be drinking a Moscow Mule.


It’s Antonia, here.

If you've been around Personality Hacker and listened to our podcast for a time now, you know that Joel and I are serious about personal growth. Personal growth is our true passion. Way more than Myers-Briggs.


The ability to do personality profiling using the Myers-Briggs system has been one of the best tools leading to my personal growth. You know those “Myers-Briggs is totally meaningless” articles your friends send you every once in a while?

I can’t roll my eyes hard enough at them.

Because I’m the kind of person who can’t stop sharing everything I love with anyone who will listen, I've been in an amazing position to see it help countless clients and students, too.

This drive encouraged us to create a system to teach people (just like you) to learn the skill of profiling so you can also enjoy the rewarding ability to "get" people on a fundamental level.

I want to take some time on this page to walk you through how I think about Myers-Briggs, how I think profiling can be learned and mastered, and why you should seriously consider developing this incredible skill.

Also, I do some name dropping. My last decade has been a wild ride, and in large part because of this skill.

I kid you not.

Much love,  

Antonia Dodge

Co-Founder | Personality Hacker

Knowing How to Profile People Has Changed My Life. I Believe It Can Change Yours, Too.

I’ve been obsessed with personality types since I was a teenager. But I didn’t realize the full power of type until I spent the past decade profiling and coaching individuals in personal transformation.

Moments like talking to a woman who’s fighting for her marriage. She and her husband argue, constantly. The door slams. The hurtful words that can never be taken back echo in her ears.

When I sit with her and her husband at their kitchen table...and I reveal that she’s an INFJ and he’s an INTJ...and I walk them through their cognitive function stack...and her eyes well up with tears because this is the first breakthrough they’ve had in 10 years. That’s what I live for.

Even in my own person life. Connecting with my 12-year-old stepson (a fellow ENTP), as I teach him how to root out cognitive biases by developing Accuracy (Introverted Thinking) so he can succeed at school.

That’s my WHY.

Having the skill to lead people to transformation is POWERFUL.

I love it. It’s my flow state.

Profiling Has Made Me a Better Coach

What I love about profiling is that it gives me a unique skill set in coaching. It’s helped me understand that there’s no one definition of ‘healthy’. Behavior that is great for one type can be toxic for another type.

For example, when coaching a former child actor, working together we spotted the childhood imprint he had to be perfect and acceptable at the cost of his own desires and happiness. The same “happy-go-lucky” attitude that would be a sign of health for another personality type was killing his ability to form connection. And, worse, as an ENTP the imprint got stuck deep within his function stack - in a place most people wouldn’t know exists inside the mind.

For him, breaking free meant going against common wisdom. He needed more radical honesty, more abrasiveness. Using traditional tools, I would have had trouble seeing beyond his agreeable countenance. But I was able to work with him to identify and break through the mental loops he was stuck in that appeared on the surface to be helping him.

My ability to Profile effectively allows me a level of nuance and understanding in coaching that has helped set me apart.

Charting the path to personal permission, authenticity and developing empowered relationships... that’s the kind of thing I live for.

Become a Master Profiler and Develop a Deep, Authentic Connection With Anyone You Meet

Over the years, I've been astounded by all the doors that have opened for me and Joel because we invested years into honing our skills as Master Profilers.

We’ve helped thousands of people around the world change their lives. We’ve built new friendship and life long memories. And we’ve consulted with American Express, Oracle and CNN because of our profiling skills.

But I didn’t get these profiling skills overnight. I’ve spent YEARS banging my head against the wall, trying to decode this art and skill through trial and error and practice. I didn't have a mentor when I got started profiling people. I was alone in the wilderness.

I decided to focus on this craft. I made EMBARRASSING mistakes, chased down experts in type to get their feedback, and voraciously consumed as much personal growth content as possible.

All of that was great - but the puzzle pieces didn’t come together until I spent THOUSANDS OF HOURS profiling actual people over the course of many YEARS.

After a while my profiling sessions started deeply resonating with clients. Over time, I developed a proprietary methodology.

Then one day, a couple from Australia asked us to teach them how to do what we do.

So we did.

I wasn’t even sure if it was something that could be taught.  So over six months I challenged myself to see if I could teach them. And it worked. We were able to teach them how to accurately profile people and avoid many of the stupid mistakes I had made.

The next step was to formalize how we had taught them. Months were spent crafting a course we released to our community that has now become our flagship program called Profiler Training.

Today, we have hundreds of alumni from six continents (still waiting for Antarctica to get on board): coaches, psychotherapists, musicians, crisis negotiators, Olympic trainers, business owners, an Ivy League professors and more.

And now we want to teach you how to accurately profile anyone. How to have an X-Ray into someone's mind….and know them better than they understand themselves.

But there’s something you need to know...

There's a BIG Difference Between People Who Think They’re Good at Profiling and a Skilled Practitioner

Perhaps, at this point, you’re looking to use profiling in your career as a coach, team leader or maybe even a hiring manager.

Even though you’ve seen first hand the incredible power of this skill; even though you know that you can benefit from using it for the rest of your life.

You still feel a sense of unease about going forward and hinging the success of your career on this skill.

“I don’t know how good I am, I feel like I’m pretty good... but I really don’t know...”

“I’m still not 100% sure about my type.”

“I still have some knowledge gaps I’m unsure of… like the role trauma, age, health factors, mental issues and culture play into profiling people.”

“Am I really qualified to profile somebody as a coach?”

These concerns are common. And it may be stopping you from moving forward. You know in the back of your mind that these doubts probably won’t be silenced by simply reading a few more articles on type, listening to a few more podcasts, debating in online discussion boards, or spending more time speculating on the type of TV show characters.

So what exactly do you need to do to build up your confidence and overcome these lingering insecurities?

Well, let me ask you..

What’s the Secret to Mastering any Skill?

Let’s say you want to become a master pianist, you obviously wouldn’t spend all day studying sheet music.

If you want to become an Olympic level swimmer, you wouldn’t waste your time debating about stroke techniques.

If you’re looking to become fluent in French, you wouldn’t invest all your time studying French history.

These activities won’t help you reach mastery in any of these skills -- they only make you a spectator. Instead...

Three Steps to Becoming a

"Master Profiler" People Trust

Step #1: Turn your knowledge into a skill through deliberate practice in the “real world.”

This means that you have a specific plan for what to practice and how to practice. You have benchmarks and milestones you’re aiming for and a schedule to follow which helps you turn the knowledge you have into skills you can perform.

This is like doing morning laps in the pool, French vocabulary rehearsals, and the daily piano practice sessions.

Step #2: Get feedback from qualified coaches or mentors.

Without the right feedback from the right people, there’s no way for you to calibrate and know for sure if you’re on the right track of improvement.

This is the feedback from the swim coach, the French conversation buddy, or the piano tutor.

Step #3: Tap into a community to stay accountable and motivated towards your goal.

This community keeps you motivated and inspired to follow through with your deliberate practice until you’ve reached mastery.

This would be the swim team, the neighbors when you relocate to France, and your band.

Do You Think You’re Good

- or -

Do You Know You’re Good?

Up until this point, you’ve probably spent hours studying the theories behind Myers-Briggs. You may have passively profiled TV show characters. You may have passively profiled your friends and family.

But since there’s no measurable benchmark to hit, nothing to gauge how good you ACTUALLY are…

You’re probably a bit insecure about your profiling ability.

The solution to your problem is NOT talking about type on Facebook. (Yes. I'm also talking about our Intuitive Awakening Facebook Group.)

It's not combing through the third and fourth pages of Google, searching for that one article you haven't read yet about your type.

And it's NOT spending more time thinking about type in your head.

The answer is in the real world. It's getting deliberate practice. (Not casual exploration, but real practice.)

It's getting feedback from credible experts while plugging into a community of people who can support you. Once you take these three steps, you'll be on your way to profiling mastery. To honing a REAL skill.

Something people will respect. Something people will pay for.

And, naturally, with this skill comes confidence.

Introducing: Personality Hacker’s Profiler Training 5-Day Immersive Course in Los Angeles

A 5-Day, Deep-Dive, Immersive Event in LA to Help You Calibrate and Master the Skill of Being a Personality Profiler

Joel and I Want to Help You Develop a Deep, Authentic Connection With Anyone You Meet, Decode the Psychology of People in Your Life, and Unlock Your Personal Growth Potential

We want to teach you:  

  • How to become a “Master Profiler” People Trust so people pay YOU money for your wisdom and skill

  • How to speak the language of another person so you can motivate, persuade and influence people.

  • How to build connections with people that you meet so you can make AUTHENTIC friends with anyone...and also adapt to any new environment (even if you're an introvert).

  • How to step inside of another person’s shoes during times of conflict and gain an understanding of where they’re coming from so you can reduce or eliminate friction with the people you love.

  • How to understand yourself more DEEPLY so you can grow and overcome those life challenges that have held you back for years.

Here’s What You Get!

Become a Master Profiler People Trust

Part 1: The Profiler Training Video Curriculum ($2497 Value)

100+ Hours of Curated Curriculum Designed to Prepare You for Your Live Event in November.

This curriculum will graduate you from "enthusiast" to a "MASTER PROFILER."

Section #1: Personality Type and Cognitive Functions Deep Dive

This is a comprehensive training (over 100 hours of content) on the fundamental and intermediate concepts of personality profiling.

The curriculum is presented in a way that allows you to finally gain a holistic understanding of how personality profiling works to prepare you for the live immersive event.

You’ll discover:

  • Step-by-step analysis of the eight functions and how they show up “in the wild” (Driver, Co-pilot, 10 and 3 year old)

  • What to “unlearn” - The top misconceptions about Personality Profiling that even advanced Typology enthusiasts overlook

  • The 1 counterintuitive, meta-belief you need to adopt to become a master profiler

  • Why most Intuitives learn to behave like Sensors at a young age (and the one question to ask to draw them out of hiding)

  • How to use the “Ladder of Abstraction” to calibrate your communication, so you can speak the language that all personality types appreciate (This helps you avoid getting “blank stares” when you’re in a conversation)

  • “Thinking“ vs. “Feeling“ is NOT about being cerebral vs. emotional -- Thorough explanations of the real difference

  • Growth potential 201 using the Car Model -- How to use your new understanding of cognitive functions to access your personal “Genius State”

  • The “Salt and Fork Test” - A silly game you can play to differentiate between the two styles of intuition. (As you probably know, “Intuition” gets a little tricky -- this is how you finally discern between the two)

Section #2: The 4-Part Perfect Profile Framework

You’ll learn the step-by-step process to conduct a perfect “profiling session” -- where you sit someone down for an hour, decode their mind and explain back to them who they are and why they make the decisions they do. This will be the total focus of the live immersive event - and these trainings allow you to get a jump start before the event.

You’ll learn more ADVANCED concepts like:

  • What are you using as your “control”? -- Why using yourself as a “profiling measuring stick” will lead you to mistyping others (and what to do about it)

  • A proven process I’ve been using for the last 10 years for conducting awesome profiling sessions

  • The 6 Essential Profiling Mindsets -- Adopt these mindsets to make your profiling sessions insightful, fun and a mutually beneficial experience

  • “Not everyone will allow you to ‘sit them down’ and profile them” -- What to do when you find yourself in a situation when you’re sensing resistance and pushback (because they're too creeped out by how profoundly you’re starting to know them)

  • Let the observers participate... or not? -- Best practices for facilitating a profiling session when you have other people listening in on your sessions

  • Their ego is being threatened! What to do when you accidentally stumble into sensitive territory to prevent you from bombing your profiling session

  • The 80/20 approach for building rapport -- Works even if you’re not very charismatic, consider yourself a “people person” or don’t like small talk

  • The Profiling Starter Questions mind map -- A proven collection of 12 insight-revealing questions you can use right away for your profiling sessions

  • How to verify that you’re “on the right track” as you’re moving through the profiling process to avoid grossly mistyping at the end of an hour-long session (and avoid the embarrassing “Um, this doesn’t resonate with me at all...” response)

  • During a professional environment, sometimes the person you’re profiling NEEDS to be a certain type to “survive till the next day” -- What to do if they resist an accurate portrayal of their life (how to navigate around this challenge and still conduct a valuable profiling session)

Get access to 100+ hours of bonus material including:

  • The Profiler Toolbox: 11 Profiler Tool webinars on subjects like how the Enneagram influences Myers-Briggs types, how gender affects the way personality types show up, and how to profile people using systems thinking.  

  • A recorded profiling session with each of the 16 Myers-Briggs types to gain insight into how the types show up when interviewed.

  • Movie Profiling Monologues: Listen to Antonia and Joel passively profile film characters from movies and TV shows like Firefly, Master of None, Better Call Saul and more.

  • Previously recorded Q&A calls where Antonia and Joel discuss deeper, more nuanced insights around understanding personality types.

  • Over 75-pages of study guide material created by Antonia and other alumni, including the “Profiler Training Field Guide.”

Plus, we'll help you stay on track with a syllabus, and weekly emails with step-by-step instructions.

Part 2: Invitation into our Profiler Training "Inner Circle" ($150 Value)

Personality Profiling is hard.

But Having a Tribe Makes it Easier.

“Profiler Training was a lot of fun! It wasn’t something that you have to grind through. It’s something you will enjoy along the way.”

-Ivan (PT2014)

Community is key to learning profiling.  The prep-work for the Immersive Event is intense.  Lucky for you, Profiler Training always attracts the BEST people.  Sure, it’s hard work, but you’ll be surrounded by driven, intelligent people like you who will support and challenge you to do your best work.

You will be added to our private Profiler Training Facebook group to connect with your fellow students and past alumni. This community never ceases to amaze us with how supportive and inclusive it is.

Part 3: Monthly Calibration Hangouts

with Joel and Me ($185/mo Value)

Learn it Right the First Time.

We'll Give You Nuanced Feedback as You Go.

Hang out with us every month for a virtual video session where we will review audio/video clips of people, and we'll work together to break down tonalities, body language, phrasing, interests and other clues that people unconsciously drop that betray their type.

This is a great opportunity to connect with us, and get insights that will help you calibrate your learning experience as we prepare for the Event.

Part 4: Live, Monthly Q&A Calls

(Value $165/mo)

Questions? Get Answers Directly from Joel and Me.

Join us in a Q&A session with fellow students to refine ideas, gain clarity, and learn from each other’s sticking points.

The monthly Q&A gives you the opportunity to cross pollinate suggestions, get to know each other and build excitement for the like minds you’ll be meeting at the Live Immersive Event.

Part 5: Live Profiler Training Intensive

in Los Angeles ($1,250 Value)

Immerse Yourself, and Experience Your Transformation from 'Student' to a 'Master Profiler'

Date: November 13-17, 2018

Location: TBD Hotel in Los Angeles, CA


This is a rough itinerary for the 5-day immersive event. The specific times and topics will shift as we get closer to accommodate student needs based on learning and class size. But for now you can get an idea of how the event is structured.

Day 1 | Tuesday, November 13

9am - 11am: Advanced typing techniques

12:30pm - 3pm: Beyond Myers Briggs

4:30pm - 5pm: Embodying the Eight Cognitive Functions (Fun, interactive game)

6pm - 7pm: Hotseat Q&A

Day 2 | Wednesday, November 14

9am - 12pm: Using Advanced Profiling Frameworks & Models

2pm - 4pm: The Art of the Profiling (Part 1)

5pm - 6pm: Antonia Live Profiling Session

6:30-7pm: Hotseat Q&A

Day 3 | Thursday, November 15  

9am - 10pm: How to Run Type Verification

10:30am - 12pm: The Art of the Profiling (Part 2)

2pm - 3pm: Using Profiling Cards

3:30pm - 5pm: Antonia Live Profiling Session

5:30pm - 6:30pm: Hotseat Q&A

Day 4 | Friday, November 16

9am - 12pm: Live Profiling Sessions

1:30pm - 4:30pm: The Hotseat Sessions

4:30 - 6:30pm: Live Q&A

Day 5 | Saturday, November 17  

9am - 12pm: Live Profiling Sessions

1:30pm - 2:30pm: Live Q&A

5:00 - 5:30pm: Certificate Ceremony

So Here’s What You Get!

Inside the Profiler Training package you’ll get:

Part 1: The Profiler Training Video Curriculum $ 2500 Value

Part 2: Invitation into the Profiler Training Inner Circle $ 150 value

Part 3: Consistent Calibration Hangouts with Joel and Antonia ($185/mo value) * 4 months = $ 740 value

Part 4: Live Q&A Calls ($165/mo value) * 4 months = $ 660 value

Part 5: Live Profiler Training Intensive in Los Angeles $ 1,250 value

Total Value = $5,297

But We Made it Affordable

Here's the deal. Joel and I believe that we should always give more than we receive. Seriously. It's a part of our ethos. That's why we've decided to make our tuition fee a no-brainer.


Your Tuition: 6 Payments of $416

Or Pay Upfront in Full and Save 15% ($375)


We're No Longer Accepting Applications For Profiler Training. Sign up now to be the first to hear about our next class.

Some of Our Alumni are Professional Coaches Charging $75-200/hr to Type People and Help Them Overcome their Challenges Through Typology

Some of our alumni are now:

  • Part-time consultants at Personality Hacker, creating extra income every month while furthering the mission!

  • Professional coaches who charge $75-200/hr to type people and help them overcome their challenges through typology. Many of them have earned thousands of dollars, recouping their initial investment.

  • Proficient at typing strangers through passive and active profiling sessions. So good that people are looking at them and saying, “OMG! Can you tell my spouse what you just said about me? Because I’ve been trying to explain this to him for YEARS!”

(Remember, we’re NOT guaranteeing that you’ll achieve the same success as our other alumni. Your success may be different. Maybe more, maybe less. It just depends on the work you put into developing this skill.)

These alumni have learned:

  • How to accurately discover a person’s personality type — regardless of their age, gender, race, generational influences or cultural or ethnic background.

  • To have a solid understanding of the 16 personality types including how each type shows up in healthy or unhealthy states.

  • To have a deep understanding of the four dichotomies and the eight cognitive functions.

  • To confidently conduct conversational profiling sessions with anyone using a tested framework and a toolkit of practical, profiling questions.

  • To know how to avoid “red herrings” and the most common mistakes novice profilers make when typing people.  

Become a Master Profiler People Trust: Develop a Deep, Authentic Connection with Anyone You Meet, Decode the Psychology of People in Your Life, and Unlock Your Personal Growth Potential

"Profiler Training got me into action. Not so much about the learning part, that comes naturally to me. But the doing part, having an outside structure and actively profiling people, and getting feedback from others who are doing the same thing at the same time."

"The Profiling process also helps me connect with people better while traveling the world. The old Klaus would have never been able to connect so quickly with a stranger."

-Klaus Schepers

“Looking back at all of these pieces, I can see that they have built the foundation for a new, more satisfying career.”

"PT has also allowed me opportunities to build upon what I've learned and grow in both my practice of profiling and my ability to help others with what I know, with mentoring groups and the Profiler Coaching program. I have found that once I have completed a certain piece, there is the next piece ready and waiting for me to get started--looking back at all of these pieces, I can see that they have built the foundation for a new, more satisfying career."

-Meredith Roberts

“You guys have a profound gift for making it accessible for everyone”


Here are some Cool Perks You Get for Being a Profiler Training Alumni

FRIENDSHIP & COMMUNITY: You’ll join a diverse community of alumni including musicians, coaches, psychotherapists, crisis negotiators and professors. Many of our alumni have become close friends, business associates and accountability partners. You don’t have to go on your personal walk alone anymore.  

CONTRIBUTION: We might tap on your shoulder to help us mentor the next generation of students. Or even help us coordinate Profiler Training events as a volunteer. This way, you can still give back while staying connected to the mission.

PRACTICE: You will be invited to our future, 5-day live Profiler Training events for a nominal fee (Ballpark $250ish to cover our costs). This way you can continue to hone your skills after your official class is over.

Is Profiler Training for You?

When we created this course, we had two kinds of people in mind. Are you one of them?

1) A Profiling Enthusiast who is looking to improve and calibrate their profiling skills.

  • Have you been studying Typology for the last few years?
  • Are you looking for more practical techniques for profiling more quickly and accurately?
  • Are you familiar with many of the concepts and theories of profiling, but feel that you’re short on practice?
  • Are you searching for a comprehensive system that integrates all the concepts you’ve learned over the years together?
  • Are you searching for a supportive peer group with a serious interest in Typology?

If so, the Profiler Training program is for you.

2) A Profiling Careerist who is looking to pursue a career in Typology as a coach

  • Are you looking to adopt a leadership role at your company OR currently in the brainstorming phase of starting your own coaching practice?
  • Are you looking to become more persuasive, influential and have your opinions accepted and taken seriously?
  • Are you looking to calibrate your profiling skills so you can confidently put this skill to use?

If so, the Profiler Training program is for you.

This Program is NOT For You If You Are:

1) Looking for a “magic pill” or are NOT willing to put in the work

2) Looking to use the course as an “argument ender”

3) NOT coming to this with the “beginner’s mind” -- “Knowing is the enemy of learning”

4) Need INTENSE hand-holding and you REFUSE to take responsibility for their growth and success.

5) Looking for “group therapy”

6) Looking for a Psychology degree

7) Looking to use their newfound knowledge as a weapon to intimidate people

Become a Master Profiler People Trust: Develop a Deep, Authentic Connection with Anyone You Meet, Decode the Psychology of People in Your Life, and Unlock Your Personal Growth Potential

We're No Longer Accepting Applications For Profiler Training. Sign up now to be the first to hear about our next class.

Any Questions?

1) “How much feedback can I expect from Antonia and Joel?“

Here are the ways you will receive real-time feedback when you’re going through Profiler Training:

  1. At the 5 day intensive event in L.A. you can have an opportunity to be in the ‘hot seat’ to discuss your challenges and strategies, as well as perform profiling sessions with trusted mentors available to guide you through the experience.
  2. Every month, we have 90 minute Q&A calls (we record these in case you have scheduling issues).
  3. Every month, we host a 2-hour virtual video calibration hangout to work through your actual profiling issues and questions in real-time.
  4. We have alumni and students available on Facebook to respond to your questions and comments. Joel and Antonia will also check in with your group from time to time.

2) “I want to come to the 5-day event, but what if I can’t make it all five days? What if something comes up?“

The 5 day event is an integral part of the Profiler Training Program. If you can't make it to the whole thing, you can reschedule and come to an even next year in May.

If you're struggling to figure out how to make it. Send us an email at We'll be happy to work with you to figure out how to make it work.

3) “After finishing this course, do I get a certificate or diploma?“

Yes — you do.

At the end of the Immersive event, you will receive a certificate of completion.

And you’ll be proud of what you’ve achieved.  The Profiler Training Program is tough, it will force you out of your comfort zone, and help you level-up in so many areas of personal growth.  You’ll probably be like most of our alumni, who proudly post their credentials on linked in.

Because we offer a certificate, and the course is often a game-changer for people, we regularly have students who have their tuition paid by their employers.  Make sure to ask HR if they’ll pay for you to come.

4) “What kind of success have your alumni had?“

  • Our Profiler Training alumni include coaches, psychotherapists, musicians, crisis negotiators, Olympic trainers, business owners and even Ivy League sociology professor. In other words, you’ll be learning alongside intelligent, like-minded, cool people who are similar to you.

5)"How much do I need to know about the Myers Briggs System before I sign up for this course?"

The Personality Profiler Live Intensive was created for intermediate to advanced students, however, it includes a bonus “Quick Start Module” that covers the complete basics of personality profiling. You can expect to be all caught up with what you need to know if you’re willing to put in a little extra work.

6) “What will I need to do to prepare for the live Immersive event in LA?“

The live Immersive event in Los Angeles is designed to put you into real-life profiling scenarios that can create rapid learning. However, to get the most out of the experience here are a few things that will be needed from you:

  • You will need to be able to arrange your own travel and hotel expenses to Los Angeles, California for the 5-day immersive event.

  • You will need to spend four months preparing extensively for the 5-day live Immersive by consuming the core of the bonus content. We have organized these sessions into an easy to follow syllabus (including weekly reminders). Consuming the core content will take an average of five hours a week of your time for 13 weeks.

  • You will need to attend one calibration hangout (an average of 2 hours) and one Q&A call (an average of 90 min) each month.

  • Active participation in the private Facebook group will ensure you’ve connected with your fellow students before the event. We recommend checking in with the group 2-3 times each week.

  • Just like any skill, the more time you spend implementing, the faster you learn.

7) “I think I’m pretty advanced at profiling already. Should I still come?“

Some members from the previous alumni came into the program with solid understanding of Typology concepts. However, in most cases, they lacked real world practice & peer review and never received legitimate feedback.

A big part of Profiler Training is to give you feedback and help you “calibrate” accordingly. This allows you to not only understand the concepts, but also internalize the skill.

We also have some MBTI® certified members in the community. They’ve all expressed that they’ve learned a lot from the program.

As mentioned earlier -- “knowing is the enemy of learning." If you believe you’re already “pretty advanced," then we would suggest that you adopt the “beginner’s mind” first before you consider joining.

8) “Will this course teach me how to become a coach?“

No. Profiler Training does NOT teach the steps for building a coaching practice , how you should market yourself as a coach, or how to sell your services. Those are all separate skills, and we don’t teach them here.

However, many members of the Profiler Training community ARE established coaches and consultants. You’re open to connect with these members and pick their brain on their success. In fact, we encourage you to!

9) Is this like palm reading?

Personality profiling may seem archaic or “woo woo," but it is actually based on the writings and findings of renowned Swiss Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst Carl Jung.  

While modern scientists prefer objective data, rather than subjective descriptions like the cognitive functions, personality profiling is based on consistent subjective findings that are time-tested and truly helpful.  And while palm reading might be fun and interesting, I would never compare it to Personality Profiling.

Here’s What Your Tuition Comes With

Inside the Profiler Training package you’ll get:

Part 1: The Profiler Training Video Curriculum

Part 2: Invitation into the Profiler Training Inner Circle

Part 3: Consistent Calibration Hangouts with Joel and Antonia

Part 4: Live Q&A Calls

Part 5: Live Profiler Training Intensive in Los Angeles


Your Tuition: 6 Payments of $416

Or Pay Upfront in Full and Save 15% ($375)


(Remember If You're Building a Business, You Can Write This Off as a Business Expense)

We're No Longer Accepting Applications For Profiler Training. Sign up now to be the first to hear about our next class.

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  • Step 1: Fill out an application and pay a $25 refundable deposit. The application deadline for the summer batch is Saturday, June 16th at 5PM EST.

  • Step 2: We’ll let you know by the evening of Tuesday, June 19th whether you’ve been accepted into our summer class.

  • Step 3: If we accept you into the course, Joel and I will give you access to all your video materials (100+ hours of content and bonuses).

  • Step 4: Then we’ll have an orientation call with you and your class — so we can answer your questions and connect.

  • Step 5: After four months digging through our video content — plus joining us on Q&A calls and virtual hangouts — we’ll meet you in LA for our 5-Day Live Event.

  • Step 6: You’re going to get some DEEP insight. You’re going to make new friends and take a big step towards becoming a Master Profiler.

  • Step 7: We’ll end the 5-day event by handing you the Profiler Training Certificate of Completion Award during our closing ceremony.

  • Step 8: After LA, we will make you “Profiler Training Alumni.” You’ll have lifetime access to our alumni community — and some exciting perks you’ll learn about later ;-)

We're No Longer Accepting Applications For Profiler Training. Sign up now to be the first to hear about our next class.

We're No Longer Accepting Applications For Profiler Training. Sign up now to be the first to hear about our next class.